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My artistic name is Wyland, I am a french fine artist and I have moved to London recently.
My work includes in general the theme « nu de l’âme » through musicals/acting idols.

I use mixed media for my paintings and sculptures.
I also perform live on stage to create unique tee-shirts and big canvases very quickly.
These moments are filled with lots of energy and emotions while music is on.
This makes it a fantastic event attracting many people.


In the year 74 of the 20th Century, Wyland was born.
As a rule he sleeps by day, and arises just as night has fallen.
A nocturnal existence becomes increasingly normal in Wylands universe.
Rapidly, the intoxicating scent of paint spread out and drying from his pictorial creations,
makes Wyland wish to further develop his passion on a canvas of solid white.
There Wyland discovers the secret of the soul of a woman.
In the course of discussion and exchange the ideal woman is revealed.
Wyland has but one philosophy: above all, to be truthful to his fertile and intimate art.
Daylight is growing in importance in WyLand
World And You. The Way !

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