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Nicole or Nika’s Russian-born roots inform and inspire her art. A wonderful sense of abandon permeates her portraits, while her imaginative use of color and content create a bold vision that stretches far beyond mere conventional standards. Her subjects comfort us; they provide a calm palliative for an uneasy society. Their faces speak to us of compassion and hope; the essence of Nika’s vision. While she uses paint and brushes to transport us into a world of possibilities, we see in her portraits a limitless landscape of emotions to pursue. Nika explains: “Growing up in the heart of Leningrad, my life was centered in Bohemian lore,” her still detectable Russian accents a delightful note. “Growing up on lines for lard and toilet paper, my colors represent rebellion from my gray memories of childhood.”

The seemingly gray world followed Nika to her new home in suburban Massachusetts. Needing to find meaning in her experiences, Nika chose the eyes as her window to the living, breathing world she sought. The eyes of her subjects show us our best self, a calm refusal to shirk from the sheer beauty we all share. Gazing at her subjects’ eyes, we may feel a pull of familiarity, a reminder of experience and emotions that resonate with the soul we are glimpsing. We may perhaps, too, identify with that dead, calm indifference seen in the face of a young or old Picasso. Nika explains, “I think that in Picasso, we can never stop discovering. Every time we look at his paintings, we see new things, and every time we look at his face we think we’re that much closer to understanding him, the man, and the artist.” Nika’s unrelenting pursuit of grand possibility, conveyed in every canvas she creates, has transported her far beyond her initial experiences and training at New York’s School of Visual Arts. She seeks new discovery, and hope, in a limitless world of freedom and confident exploration.

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