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I have always had a deep affinity to nature and natural forms, from the figure to landforms, flora and fauna, yet always reaching for something deeper, what is universal, what stirs our souls. I welcome your feedback and thank you for visiting.

Dialogues – Portraits and Figurative work
I love to work from the figure and do portraits, because the life of the artist can be a very solitary journey, we don’t often “jam” like musicians. In my figurative work, I work from life, not photos as much as possible, because I see them as conversations with each of the sitters or models, a visual celebrating of that person and it is greatly influenced by their energy and presence, a dialogue between myself and others that happens beyond words

Shadows Upper Haight
a celebration of my love of San Francisco. When I first moved there, I knew one person, so it was a time of reflection and solitude and the point of view from the inside looking out

This series is about the unraveling of what you “know:” to be true, to discover a deeper sense of “knowing”; your own inner truth. The forms are visual metaphors for the tenuous state of being we are, somehow real and yet ephemereal on the most fundamental level.

I love the idea of finding a place between realism and abstraction and this series for me reaches furthestr into this place between of all my work. Water is the heart of this body of work It allows me to build color with layers and compels me to find a balance between control and surrender, the tenuous yet indelible. It also reflects the nature of the subject matter; mostly formed by water. I marvel at how the rocks that we perceive as “hard”, and permanent were formed by what we perceive as “soft” and malleable, a fitting metaphor for the power of gentle yet persistent action, and the wisdom of seeking a balance – a place between.

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