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Ken Smith has a passion for photography, a desire to capture beautiful landscapes, and a love for Americana imagery. Put them all together, and Ken has the blessings of being able to express his passion, love, and desire on film. Ken sold his first photograph over 35 years ago, and has been behind the camera ever since. Ken loves what he does, and he constantly strives to be the best that he can be with the gifts that he has been blessed with.

Ken photographs western landscapes, trains, vintage vehicles, Americana scenes, and national parks as his major subject material. Ken pursues his passion so that others can enjoy the resulting efforts in their home or office, or as a gift to a friend or loved one.

Ken’s award winning photographic work has been published in over a dozen national and international magazines and books. His first published work was in 1999.

Ken produced a specific photographic product line geared towards model railroaders that was developed in 2004 and has sold tens of thousands of these products across the globe. Ken has also sold his fine art photography in over 37 countries and uses several art agencies to broker his work. Ken has exhibited at select museums, exhibitions, gift shops, corporate offices, art shows and transportation shows throughout the US.

In 2014, Ken has had a solo exhibit at the Court the Arts Gallery in Castle Rock, Colorado. This exhibit featured vintage transportation photos created in 2013 as well as photos that were mounted on or in the windows of vintage car parts from the teen’s and twenties. Ken had a private solo exhibit for the month of January at the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) at their corporate headquarters in Denver, Colorado. In May of 2014, Ken’s work again went international in both magazine and TV networks in Germany and was on exhibit for the National Railroad Transportation Art Exhibit held in Cheyenne, WY.

Ken’s latest and most current work is in his resident town of Castle Rock, Colorado at the QR Storytelling Gallery.

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