A Little Friend

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Limited Edition Framed Canvas

The Limited Edition Framed Canvas is our Canvas Wraps finished with a black floater frame. These unique frames are so named because the illusion they create is that your artwork is "floating" within the frame instead of being covered by it — perfect for displaying our Canvas Wraps. Each piece is signed and numbered by the artist, accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Canvas Wrap

Canvas Wraps are much like gallery wrapped canvas. Artwork is printed on a canvas material, stretched to fit a custom wooden frame, and attached to the wooden frame. As a result, all hardware used to secure the canvas is hidden and the artwork extends to all sides visible to the viewer. Made from our premium eco-friendly wood, Canvas Wraps create a classical way to preserve and present artwork. A simple French cleat system is provided to securely mount and display a Canvas Wrap. A multitude of durable surface finishes are offered to enhance artwork and provide UV protection and moisture resistance to a piece of artwork.

Wall Plaque

Artwork is mounted on an acid-free 3/8” thick surface, finished with a beveled edge and given a ¾” deep backing to create a floating effect.  The backing is recessed from the edge such that it is not easily seen.  A simple French cleat system is provided to securely mount and display a Wall Plaque.  The image is 100% protected UV Laminate.  The product is rated for 125 years.


Made from our premium eco-friendly wood, a Coaster is a 4 x 4 dimensional wooden card that is a long-lasting way to preserve and present artwork. Art is mounted on an acid-free 3/8” thick surface and finished with a beveled edge. The Coaster is a completely finished product with a coated, black, moisture-resistant finish on the back to ensure art is fully protected and maintains a clean, high-quality appearance from front to back. In addition, there is room to add your personal sentiment to customize your artwork for any occasion. When finished expressing yourself, the Coaster fits into its own mailer, you attach the postage and mail it! Coaster can be used for promotions, coasters, thank you cards, or displayed as table top art pieces by inserting the enclosed dowel.


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Since the silent film era of the early 1920’s to being the first animated character balloon to be featured in the Macy’s Day Parade, Felix the Cat has been a beloved icon in American culture. Felix the Cat was created by Otto Messmer, in which he began as a curious and mischievous character. In 1953 when Felix cartoons began airing on TV, Messmer’s protégé, Joe Oriolo, redesigned Felix to have a new appearance, new personality and a gang of new friends. Joe’s son, Don Oriolo then took this character and interpreted him in his exclusive original artwork. These artworks feature Felix in various themes and situations such as, sports, music, holidays and various everyday activities seen from Felix’s point of view. Original works of art will be available along with 100 limited editions of each piece. All artwork is signed and numbered by Don Oriolo and is supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity.

In 2015 look out for a new Dreamworks TV series and feature film introducing Felix and friends to whole new audience.

Soho will also feature Don’s exclusive range of guitars and banjos that are themed on Felix the Cat and let’s not forget an array of framed original film cells that will be available exclusively through

If you were to ask Don in what direction Felix the Cat is going, he would say, “ on the same straight and narrow path that has paved by my uncle Otto Messmer and my dad, Joe Oriolo”.


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