Going Green


Our Mission

Environmental stewardship is one of Soho Print’s top priorities. Keeping our company accountable to the generations to follow and reducing the environmental impacts of our manufacturing operations is essentially important to Soho Prints. As an eco-conscious company, Soho Prints strives to solely utilize earth-friendly products. From recycled wood products, to recyclable aluminum and efficient machinery, Soho Prints will continue to promote an eco-conscious mindset. Understanding that many answers lie in product design and the end consumers, our goal is to create an affordable, responsible product that is safe for the end customer and from beginning to end has minimal environmental impacts from the products we purchase and use to our manufacturing processes.

What We Are Doing

Many of our products such as aluminum are 100% recyclable. Additionally, most of our composite wood boards are manufactured with sustainable materials and are made from 100% recycled wood fiber. The composite cores contain formaldehyde-free adhesive systems.
Soho Prints offers an eco-friendly modification to our standard finishes. These eco-friendly options utilize wood pulp derivatives, a sustainable and biodegradable resource. These finishes will break down easily in the recycling process allowing for more eco-friendly disposal.
On the manufacturing side, many of our products are not cut using saws which is more effective in reducing waste and maximizing material. We additionally strive to reuse and recycle materials used within our facility, ultimately improving the environmental impact of waste. Partnering with our customers, Soho Prints offers return services for wood crates used to ship fine art.
In addition, hybrid and low emissions vehicles are utilized for all local deliveries and company use. We believe in being earth-smart down to the core. Through creativity and ingenuity, we will continue to strive to take care of the environment around us and preserve this wonderful land for the generations to follow. Soho Prints takes a direct interest in maintaining the global environment for our children and grandchildren and all those who will be here longer than us.

The Future

Soho Prints is very enthusiastic in the path on which we are headed. Our commitment to sustainability, minimal environmental impact and eco-friendly product selection, helps us see that our impact and decisions extend beyond the art realm. Thank you for your interest in eco-conscious products by Soho Prints.

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